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WKU Owensboro hosting events for Holocaust Remembrance Day

WKU Owensboro will host a series of events leading up to Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 16.

Here is the schedule of events:

  • April 13: WKU Owensboro Librarian Jennifer Joe will present a Holocaust display in the library, consisting of books, photos, timelines and poster. The display will be up throughout the week. WKU Owensboro staff also will be distributing ID cards of Holocaust victims to students throughout the week.
  • April 14: Jennifer Joe and Campus Evening Manager Kevin Dorth will present “The Holocaust and Genocide in the Modern Era” at 6 p.m. in the Badgett Conference Center.
  • April 15: “The Path to Nazi Genocide,” a 30-minute Holocaust documentary, will be shown from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Badgett Conference Center.
  • April 16: Holocaust survivor Sonja DuBois will present a lecture at 7 p.m. DuBois was born in the Netherlands during World War II. Two years after the Nazi troops invaded the country her parents were deported to a concentration camp and became victims of the Holocaust. She was less than 2 years old when she became an orphan. Her presentation is open to WKU faculty, staff and students, as well as community members. Seating is limited.

Contact: Kevin Dorth, (270) 852-7789

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