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WKU Libraries announces launch of International Journal of Faith Community Nursing

WKU Libraries announces the launch of International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN), the sixth electronic journal offered on TopSCHOLAR – WKU’s scholarly research and creative activity database.

International Journal of Faith Community Nursing is a peer-reviewed publication and the official journal of Faith Community Nursing International (FCNI). The primary aim of IJFCN is to support the practice of faith community nurses worldwide through publication of current research and best practices.

Editor-in-Chief for the journal is Dr. Beverly Siegrist, WKU professor in the School of Nursing; and managing editors are Dr. Dawn Garrett-Wright and Dr. Cathy Abell, associate professors in the School of Nursing.

“We believe this journal will serve as a premier resource for faith community nurses worldwide,” Siegrist said. “It will support the advancement of this essential nursing specialty by documenting the practice of faith community nurses.”

IJFCN represents a continued effort of WKU’s College of Health and Human Services to advance national and international knowledge and research regarding Faith Community Nursing International. Journal content will include research that provides evidence of the effectiveness and economic contribution of FCN practice, studies on evidence-based interventions, and critical reviews of social-change research, programs, and theories that generate new insights for research and practice.

“We are excited for the creation and launch of another electronic and openly accessible journal with a unique focus that will occupy a special niche in scholarly research. Dr. Siegrist is to be commended for her strong commitment to the process of establishing an online presence for IJFCN,” says Connie Foster, Dean of Libraries. “We welcome the opportunity for others to create publications through TopSCHOLAR for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research and to showcase the intellectual and international outreach of WKU faculty.”

Go to http://digitalcommons.wku.edu/ijfcn/ to see the inaugural issue or for submissions for the summer edition.

Contact: Jennifer Wilson, (270) 745-6977

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