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#PeopleofWKU: Kelsey Burnett

As a WKU Glasgow Highlander, official student ambassador, Kelsey Burnett, a sophomore marketing major, helps new and prospective students become acclimated to WKU Glasgow.

Kelsey Burnett

Because of the high level of campus involvement, students serving as Glasgow Highlanders become a familiar and friendly face to both prospective and current students.

“We encourage student involvement and help students make connections on campus,” said Burnett. “Being a Glasgow Highlander has helped me make those connections, and it has opened doors that I otherwise may not have even known were there.”

Burnett said her time at WKU Glasgow has taught her perseverance and determination.

“I initially chose to come to WKU Glasgow after high school because it was close to home and familiar. After having my son, I took a few years off until I was ready to pursue my degree again. I chose to come back to WKU Glasgow because this campus allows me to easily juggle work, my family, and classes,” said Burnett. “Having a family and going to school is sometimes extremely difficult, but I know that what I am doing will better our future. My goals are realistic, they are obtainable and I will not stop until I have achieved them.”

Burnett plans to work in higher education.

“Whether it’s one person or a hundred people, I hope to make an impact,” said Burnett. “I want to do something that matters, and I think helping people better their future will be extremely rewarding.”

Contact: WKU Glasgow, (270) 861-6900

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