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#PeopleofWKU: Cindy Troutman

Cindy Troutman serves as the Program Manager for WKU Online and WKU On Demand. She’s being spotlighted in our weekly #PeopleofWKU feature for her service to WKU students. In her role, Troutman wears many hats but keeps one goal in mind at all times: helping students succeed.

Cindy Troutman

“Everything we do has the backdrop of serving students, and helping them succeed, which is what I love. As part of this, we are able to work in conjunction with departments across campus to create and expand support services for online learners, and identify online pathways for degree completion,” Troutman said. “More than ever, we have students who are non-traditional by age or other factor. So, they need the extra flexibility [that online and On Demand courses offer] in order to reach their goal of earning a degree. This flexibility also provides opportunities to people who would not have otherwise been able to go to school because of work, family, and other life-obligations.”

Troutman is a Hilltopper through and through; she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from WKU and has been working at the university since 2001. She’s been with the WKU Division of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO) since 2008.

“There’s something really special about being at a university, and working with others who share a passion for helping students. I love the energy, and creativity that working with such a talented team brings to the day-to-day…. there is an overarching commitment to exploring new ways of doing things.”

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