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#PeopleofWKU: Dr. William Mkanta

Dr. William Mkanta, Interim Head for the WKU Department of Public Health, is celebrating 10 years at WKU! This week, he’s being recognized for #PeopleofWKU for his commitment to connecting culture to education. Dr. Mkanta organizes trips to Tanzania and Zanzibar each year to give students a unique learning experience.

Dr. William Mkanta

“When I travel, I get to show the students the environment I grew up in,” Dr. Mkanta said. “I like getting to show them that background, and also—coming from Public Health—to show them the needs we have in the third world. We take students from nursing, pre-med, biology, and other majors and give them a hands-on opportunity in public health settings in Tanzania. It’s been rewarding to see them working with Tanzanian professionals and learning so much about their desired professions.”

In his decade on the Hill, Dr. Mkanta has found a home at WKU.

“When I started my work here, I was connected with a lot of resources: IT, professional development, and other opportunities. Those things really helped me see that this institution is one for me and that [WKU wants] me to succeed in all areas. That’s what I share with anyone who joins our department or college. You have a lot of resources at WKU, and you’d be amazed at the way they want you to be part of the family. I always feel like I’m part of a big, big family.”

Contact: Public Health, (270) 745-2015

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