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#PeopleofWKU: Dr. Steven Wininger

Dr. Steven Wininger has been with WKU for 16 years. He serves as the co-department head and professor of Psychology at WKU. Dr. Wininger is being recognized for #PeopleofWKU for his inventive approach to running an academic department with co-department head, Dr. Pitt Derryberry.

Dr. Steven Wininger

“We both love to teach and we both love to do research, and this [arrangement] has allowed us to continue to do both of those things and at the same time serve the department. Now a few years in, we are able to sit back and think about how we can be leaders and be innovative.”

Dr. Wininger said the co-department head positions have allowed both leaders the ability to better serve students. “I think we have been able to focus on things that we are a little bit more passionate about and more interested in, and we do them with enthusiasm and more passion than maybe what one person doing everything would do. We are able to come to decisions together. You have to have people who get along and work together really well, and in many cases that is hard to find. If you can fit the two right people together, you can make it work.”

Dr. Wininger and his students will be presenting their research on the effects of multitasking on exercise at the American Psychological Association conference this weekend.

Contact: Psychology Department, (270) 745-2695

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