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WKU Forensics Team wins NFA national speech & debate titles

The WKU Forensics Team won both the National Forensic Association National Tournament championship and the National Forensic Association Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team Sweepstakes national championship, hosted this year by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire over the April 13-17 weekend.

WKU was crowned team sweepstakes champion in individual events with 916 points, while Bradley University placed second with 731.5 points, and the University of Texas at Austin placed third with 697.5 points. Other top 10 schools included Ball State University, Illinois State University, Eastern Michigan University and Northwestern University. The NFA National Tournament hosted 78 schools.

The team was crowned team sweepstakes champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Other top-ranked schools competing in debate included Hillsdale College, Johnson County Community College, Central Michigan University and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

WKU team members also captured seven out of the 15 individual sweepstakes awards, which recognizes personal success across five events.

“This is a historic victory for Western Kentucky University,” Director of Forensics Ganer Newman said. “Words fail to articulate how proud I am of this team, not only did we close out a national round of Lincoln-Douglas Debate, our students set a new record for the total number of points scored.”

Read the full story: WKU Forensics Team wins NFA national speech & debate championships

Contact: Ganer Newman, (270) 745-6340

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