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WKU launches SpiritFunder

SpiritFunder, WKU’s very own crowdfunding platform, launched Monday (April 17). Crowdfunding is a unique tool that harnesses energy and enthusiasm and allows alumni, friends, students, faculty and staff to make a collective impact on the community. Similar platforms are being implemented at universities across the nation as a way to bring attention to small, but important initiatives that might otherwise go unfunded.

According to Jenny Pyle, WKU’s Assistant Director of Leadership Annual Giving, projects featured on SpiritFunder come directly from WKU students, groups and faculty who are looking for more opportunities to learn, grow and achieve. “Whether through research, community outreach, entrepreneurship or student projects, crowdfunding is a way to get big ideas in front of the world,” she said.

Typical campaigns on SpiritFunder will have goals of raising $2,000 to $10,000. Pyle said the launch includes three inaugural campaigns: Big Red Needs a New Suit; WKU Storm Chase Student Experience Summer 2017; and Hardcastle Adopt-A-Class Scholarship Fund.

Read the full story: WKU launches SpiritFunder

Contact: Heather McWhorter, (270) 745-3257


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