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WKU student awarded Humanity in Action Fellowship

WKU senior Jay Todd Richey of Glasgow has been awarded a Humanity in Action Fellowship to study human rights in Warsaw, Poland, in the summer of 2017.

Jay Todd Richey

Richey is one of 54 Humanity in Action Fellows accepted from 40 U.S. colleges and universities to participate in the Fellowship programs in Europe and Atlanta. Richey, the son of Lorie and Jeff Richey, is majoring in Political Science and Asian Religions and Culture with a minor in Legal Studies. He plans to pursue graduate study in human rights in preparation for a career in human rights law and public policy.

“I am very excited that Jay Todd will have this prestigious opportunity to study human rights on the ground in Warsaw,” said Dr. Patricia Minter, associate professor of History and coordinator for the Legal Studies minor. “He has broad interests in human rights, legal theory and public policy, with particular interests in civil liberties and international frameworks. Jay Todd is a natural and thoughtful leader, one who possesses both the passion for human rights and the skills for success working within any setting. It has been a joy to work with him on the history of human rights both as a student in my classes and as his thesis director.”

Read the full story: WKU student awarded Humanity in Action Fellowship

Contact: Dr. Patricia Minter, (270) 745-5098

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