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Gatton Academy selects 95 students for Class of 2019

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky has selected 95 Kentucky sophomores for the Class of 2019.

“We are excited to welcome the Class of 2019, an exceptional and diverse group of young people,” said Dr. Lynette Breedlove, Director of The Gatton Academy.  “Each year our admissions process reveals a remarkable number of outstanding Kentucky students seeking to challenge themselves in the STEM fields. Admissions decisions were as difficult this year as any. There are simply more qualified students than we can accommodate. This large class will bring The Gatton Academy to one student beyond its funded capacity of 191 students.”

Applicants were evaluated based on ACT/SAT scores, high school grades, awards, extracurricular activities, responses to essay and short answer questions, and letters of recommendation. In addition to these criteria, earlier this month, 185 candidates were invited to interview with WKU faculty members, community leaders from across the Commonwealth, and Gatton Academy alumni.

The selected students scored an average composite of 30.29 on the ACT and 29.98 on the mathematics portion of the exam. The highest possible score is a 36.

“The ability to accept 95 students this year, which will bring us past our funded capacity for the first time, is an incredible moment for not only our school, but the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” said Assistant Director for Admissions and Public Relations Zack Ryle. “The ability to offer this opportunity to more bright, young high school students interested in STEM is truly exciting. I am thrilled that each one of the 95 students has agreed to be a part of our community for the next two years.”

Students from 50 counties represent the Class of 2019. Magoffin County will have a student attend The Gatton Academy for the first time, while the following counties had a second student admitted in The Gatton Academy’s 10-year history: Clay, Knott and Rockcastle. The Gatton Academy has had students attend from 116 of the 120 counties in Kentucky.

Read the full story: Gatton Academy selects Class of 2019

Contact: Zack Ryle, (270) 745-2971

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