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2017 Faculty Awards Reception April 12

The 2017 Faculty Awards Reception will be held at 3 p.m. April 12 at the Faculty House. WKU annually recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty members in the areas of Teaching, Research/Creativity, Public Service, Student Advisement and Part-Time Teaching. The following faculty members have been selected by each of the colleges for awards this year. They are also the finalists for the university-wide awards.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

  • Mr. Rico Tyler (School of Teacher Education) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Monica Burke (Counseling and Student Affairs) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Susan Keesey (School of Teacher Education) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Pitt Derryberry (Psychology) – Student Advisement Award
  • Ms. Juanita Cole (School of Teacher Education) – Part-Time Teaching Award

College of Health and Human Services

  • Dr. Ron Ramsing (School of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Jill Maples (School of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Gayle Mallinger (Social Work) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Amanda Salyer-Funk (School of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport) – Student Advisement Award
  • Mr. Charles Cann (Public Health) – Part-Time Instructor Award
  • Mr. Edward Sweeney (Communication Sciences & Disorders) – Part-Time Teaching Award

Gordon Ford College of Business

  • Dr. Thad Crews (Information Systems) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Tim Hawkins (Marketing) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Mr. Ron Rhoades (Finance) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Dawn Bolton (Management) – Student Advisement Award
  • Ms. Stacey Gish (Management) – Part-Time Teaching Award

Ogden College of Science and Engineering

  • Dr. Nancy Rice (Biology) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Amy Brausch (Psychological Sciences) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Dr. Paul Woosley (Agriculture) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Jason Polk (Geography and Geology) – Student Advisement Award

Potter College of Arts & Letters

  • Dr. Marko Dumančić (History) – Teaching Award
  • Dr. Jean-Luc Houle (Folk Studies & Anthropology) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Ms. Amanda Crawford (School of Journalism & Broadcasting) – Public Service Award
  • Dr. Holli Drummond (Sociology) – Student Advisement Award
  • Ms. Candice Tope-Phillips (Communication) – Part-Time Teaching Award

University College

  • Dr. Alex Olson (Honors Academy) – Teaching Award
  • Ms. Trish Jaggers (School of University Studies) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Mr. Tim Brotherton (School of University Studies) – Student Advisement Award
  • Ms. Diana McQuady (School of University Studies) – Part-Time Teaching Award

University Libraries

  • Ms. Nancy Richey (Library Special Collections) – Research/Creativity Award
  • Mr. Jonathan Jeffrey (Library Special Collections) – Public Service Award

Contact: Academic Affairs, (270) 745-2296

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