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WKU AD + PR program hosting ‘Focus on your Future’ March 20-24

The WKU AD + PR program will be hosting “Focus on your Future” the week of March 20-24.  There will be in-class speakers motivating and directing students on the path to finding an internship of career that is right for them.

The week is designed to encourage students to go out and seek internships and career opportunities in their respective fields, as well as preparing them to do so. In order to help them prepare, the AD + PR program has partnered with the Center for Career and Professional Development to bring resources into some of the classrooms. During these classes, students will learn tips for brushing up their resumes, how to effectively use LinkedIn, as well as how to perform well in an interview.

The students will then be prepared for the Liberal Arts Fair on March 22 where they can showcase their new tactics, as well as their portfolios.

Professionals in the industry will also be speaking in some of the classes later on in the week. They will give some perspective on what it is like working in the AD + PR industry, and how students can best position themselves in order to obtain a job upon graduation.

Contact: Audrey Merrill, adprogram@wku.edu

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