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WKU establishes varsity eSports program

WKU has launched its first eSports team making the public university second in the nation to offer a varsity eSports program.

WKU has launched an eSports team.

WKU has launched an eSports team. (WKU photo by Clinton Lewis)

The newly developed sport uses video games to test several skills such as hand-eye coordination, decision making and response to stress. Players compete through video game competitions for a cash reward. For WKU students this is potentially thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

“We hope to attract a variety of players ranging from enthusiasts to those who aspire to make it onto a professional team,” Coach Andrew Renfrow said.

The university’s eSports team originated from two League of Legends teams with international students from China, Chile, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. The program prides itself on diversity and hopes to recruit large numbers of international students.

Students can apply their degree programs, such as marketing, sports management and journalism, to the sport. The eSports program offers students in those departments graduate assistant positions and intern positions to gain further experience.

“This is a unique opportunity to further your education and to gain exposure to pursue professional eSports,” Renfrow said.

An arena is underway in the university’s Garrett Conference Center for players to compete in their online matches. The regular season will begin in the spring and the arena is expected to be finished by that time.

eSports team members are:

Player                 Hometown/Country                  Position 

Ash Sajan                        Dubai, UAE                             Top Lane
Zong Feng                       Beijing, China                          Mid Lane
Camilo Carvallo              Santiago, Chile                         Jungle
Joana De La Cruz            Dubai, UAE                             Support
Jerome Gollner                Freiburg, Germany                  ADC
Ryan VanNoy                  Bowling Green, Ky USA         Substitute

More: Follow @WKUeSports on Twitter.

Contact: Andrew Renfrow, wkuesports.intl@wku.edu.

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