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Crowder appointed editor of geoscience education publication

The Executive Committee of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers has appointed Dr. Margaret Crowder as Editor-in-Chief of its In the Trenches publication.

Dr. Margaret Crowder

Dr. Margaret Crowder

The quarterly publication is designed to “provide a forum for geosciences education dialogue targeting educators in the classroom. It provides a venue for contributors to inform NAGT members about their best teaching ideas, resources or other special topics relevant to our profession that do not lend themselves to more research-focused journals.”

Dr. Crowder has many years of experience in geoscience education in the Department of Geography and Geology, where she has been a regular contributor to WKU’s SKyTeach curriculum and where she teaches many innovative geoscience courses, including Oceanography. Dr. Crowder contributed a short summary on this topic in the January 2016 issue of In the Trenches.

As a service activity to the discipline, Dr. Crowder’s NAGT duties will include guiding decisions about content and selecting themes for issues; soliciting articles from potential authors, or fielding submissions through the In The Trenches online submission form; working with authors, the managing editor and associate editors to edit articles and prepare them for publication; reviewing the layout for each issue prior to press; working with members of the NAGT Executive Committee to think creatively and make modifications to the format, delivery modes, and other aspects of the publication as necessary; serving as an ex officio member of the NAGT Executive Committee; and attending the annual meeting of the NAGT.

According to Dr. David Keeling, Geography and Geology Department Head, “Dr. Crowder brings a significant level of talent and experience to this position and the NAGT is fortunate to have an individual with her creativity and depth of understanding of geoscience pedagogical issues at the helm of this publication.”

Contact: Margaret Crowder, (270) 745-5973


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