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Hack The Hill, undergraduate coding competition, Nov. 5-6

Hack The Hill, WKU’s first hackathon, will take place on Nov. 5-6 for undergraduate students. The coding competition encourages designers, entrepreneurs and engineers to create code for mobile and desktop apps, hardware hacks, games and other technology-related creations.

hacktothehill logoThe event provides opportunities to those within the coding community to foster creativity and excitement. Coders will form teams of four and collaborate to build programs in just 24 hours.

Aaron Brzowski, lead organizer of Hack The Hill, created the event after experience with hackathons at universities like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Cincinnati.

It’s an opportunity to “bring that environment of ‘you can create anything you want’ to WKU with support and mentorship that extends beyond classroom learning,” Brzowski said. “Competitors will come out of the event with new coding knowledge. They will create new programming content and form a social network within the coding community.”

Hack the Hill is free to students because of its sponsors. One such sponsor is Eezy.com, a local internet company built on offering free graphic resources. In addition to free admission, prizes are awarded for multiple categories and will be revealed at the event’s opening ceremony.

Shawn Rubel, founder and CEO of Eezy.com, said, “Hack The Hill is a great opportunity for our company to support talented programmers in our area. We want to encourage the growth of our tech community any way we can.”

Eezy.com recently made a $1,000 pledge to the event as a general purpose sponsorship to foster the technology culture. The sponsorship will provide meals, T-shirts and prizes to the contestants.

Sponsorships provide the opportunity for coders to demonstrate their skills to recruiters, network with a circuit of hackers and provide mentorship and support to the coding community. Registration is open, and individuals may find more information about the event at http://hackthehill.io/.

Contact: Aaron Brzowski, aaron.brzowski@gmail.com

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