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WKU announces record $23.1 million in annual gift receipts

WKU raised $23.1 million in private gifts during fiscal year 2015-2016 — the highest annual total in the University’s history.

Marc Archambault, WKU’s Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, said the $23.1 million total is a 22 percent increase over the University’s previous record of $18.9 million, and it includes gifts from more than 14,000 donors who made more than 29,000 individual gifts.

“Additional all-time high totals for giving in select categories included $9.7 million received for endowment and $7.9 million received for student scholarships,” Archambault said. “Endowment gifts are particularly important to WKU’s future success, as they allow the principal of the gift to be invested with a portion of the interest income funding the gift designation in perpetuity.”

In addition to these annual highlights, deferred gift expectancies, representing donors who have reported the inclusion of the University in their estate plans, eclipsed nine figures for the first time in school history with a total of more than $106 million.

President Gary A. Ransdell said: “At no time in WKU’s history has private support been more important than right now. State support is in decline, tuition has its limits and the federal government is backing away from research support. Our alumni and friends are coming through in significant ways to assure high value in a WKU degree. We need that support, and we are exceedingly grateful for it.”

“These records are important milestones in the University’s history,” Archambault said. “We appreciate the many donors who continue to express their confidence in WKU by investing in its future, and we anticipate another excellent year ahead in 2016-2017 as we celebrate the final year under President Ransdell’s outstanding leadership.”

Contact: Marc Archambault, (270) 745-6208

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