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New scholarship program, lower tuition making WKU Dual Credit more accessible

Beginning this fall, college courses at WKU will be even more accessible for high school students.

WKU Dual Credit has decreased tuition rates for all high school students, from $210 for three credit hours to $156 for three credit hours, and a new scholarship initiative announced by Gov. Matt Bevin provides a tuition scholarship providing high school seniors with up to two dual credit courses at no cost to them. The new rate for dual credit courses will be $52 per credit hour, which is a decrease of $18 per hour.

WKU Dual Credit Program Manager Dewayne Neeley said these two opportunities will make dual credit even more accessible for high school students throughout the state.

“Dual credit provides an affordable, convenient opportunity for high school students to not only prepare for college, but actually earn college credit while still in high school,” Neeley said. “Between the decrease in our tuition and the new scholarship program, WKU will significantly increase service to high school students throughout Kentucky.”

According to an Executive Order from the Governor’s Office, the goal for the scholarship initiative is for high school students to graduate with at least nine hours of postsecondary credit and to “increase the education and skill level of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s workforce and its workforce participation rate.”

High school seniors who enroll in a dual credit course with WKU will qualify for a scholarship that covers tuition for up to two classes per academic year. Students can use the scholarship for up to nine hours throughout their high school years. WKU’s reduced tuition rate will apply to all students taking dual credit courses, including seniors to want to take more than two courses during their senior year.

WKU Dual Credit partners with 79 high schools and home school programs throughout Kentucky to offer college credit courses for eligible high school students.

The new tuition rate applies to all students enrolled in WKU Dual Credit courses. Applications for the scholarship are not required; however, students must enroll through WKU Admissions, which is required for all WKU Dual Credit courses.

For additional information, visit www.wku.edu/dualcredit.

Dual Credit is a partnership between WKU’s Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO) and area high schools to offer qualified students the opportunity to earn college credit as part of their high school curriculum. Dual Credit courses are offered at the high school during regular school hours by WKU faculty or by high school teachers who meet all accreditation standards according to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Contact: Dewayne Neeley, dewayne.neeley@wku.edu

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