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WKU Learn and Earn teams with SOKY Jobs on program

WKU Learn and Earn is working with SOKY Jobs in efforts to increase program awareness, expand business partnerships and meet the growing workforce needs within the region.

learnandearnThe WKU Learn and Earn program partners with area companies and businesses to employ both traditional and non-traditional college students, thus helping meet their company production goals. In return, those students work part-time for wages and receive college scholarships from their employers as well.

In Learn and Earn, WKU students benefit through scholarship, wages and work experience. Businesses benefit by gaining access to a quality workforce pool, cutting down on turnover and training costs and helping to boost the region’s education and economy.

SOKY Jobs is a premier job search engine, locally powered and connecting Southern Kentucky’s employers with quality talent. In addition, it is an advocate for sustainable economic growth in Southern Kentucky. Through creative marketing and directly working with employers themselves, potential employees are directly connected with job openings using the SOKY Jobs platform.

Leslie Witty, Project Manager for Learn and Earn, said: “I love that SOKY Jobs continually emphasizes the need to work together. In this region, the need for quality workforce is a great one; by WKU Learn and Earn working with SOKY Jobs, we can meet area needs that much faster.”

Witty added: “We literally have hundreds of main campus WKU students in our program who want to begin working in the fall. We are hopeful that in working in cooperation with SOKY Jobs, we can establish more business partnerships this summer so we can not only help these students, but quickly help employers with workforce needs as well.”

As part of the Learn and Earn program, WKU students must first apply, be approved, complete an interview assessment and then an orientation with program staff.  Next, they undergo job training before being placed in a pool of potential employees. Once a position opens, students interview with employers, and, if hired, the students get an hourly wage and a tuition scholarship for staying employed through the semester and keeping at least a 2.0 grade-point average. Witty said the average wage for the students completing the program is $10 an hour with a 50 percent tuition scholarship.

Christina Beliles, Founder and CEO of SOKY Jobs, said: “In order to effectively navigate the complexities of the current workforce climate in Southern Kentucky we must identify and utilize all potential programs and resources available. The Learn and Earn program at WKU is the perfect example of a viable solution. SOKY Jobs is working in coordination with WKU’s Learn and Earn program to help businesses identify new workforce streams and also provide a path for students who need scholarships in order to achieve higher education. We are honored to partner in this initiative and proud to ignite change in our workforce region.”

Contact: WKU Learn and Earn, (270) 659-6900

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