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10 WKU ROTC graduates to share memories for Witness to War project

As part of a celebration of the 100th anniversary of ROTC, 10 graduates of WKU’s program will be sharing their memories of the Vietnam War on Thursday and Friday (April 7-8) for the Witness to War project.

“We owe it to our children and grandchildren and future generations to share what we experienced in the hope they will never have to go through that,” said retired Army Col. Greg Lowe, a 1968 WKU graduate.

Lowe is one of the 10 graduates from the 1960s who will be sharing their stories during interviews at the Augenstein Alumni Center. The others are Jim Smith, Mike Devine, Ron Dillard, Mike Kenney, Roye Wilson, Bill Pearson, Mike McCormick, Ron Nunn and JR Voyles.

The 90-minute interviews will be conducted by Martin Madert of Witness to War. Witness to War is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to preserving the oral histories of combat veterans through digital video interviews. After the interviews are edited, they are posted on the Witness to War website and provided to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

“These interviews are a way to record the experiences of our veterans and preserve that history forever,” Lowe said.

Lowe is part of a committee working on events to commemorate the centennial of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps program, which was founded in 1916, and its arrival at WKU in 1918.

“ROTC has always been an important part of Western all the way back to 1918,” said LTC Tom MacMillin, head of WKU’s Department of Military Science.

Graduates of WKU’s ROTC program have served throughout the U.S. military, he said. “ROTC continues to play an important role on our campus,” MacMillin said.

The Witness to War interviews are the first event in what will be a three-year celebration at WKU, Lowe said. While events are still being planned, Lowe said the celebration will include a color guard of ROTC graduates at a WKU game next fall.

Contact: Greg Lowe, (270) 268-0226; WKU ROTC, (270) 745-4293

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