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WKU Counseling & Testing Center reaccredited

The WKU Counseling & Testing Center has been reaccredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS).

“Our Center was evaluated for its compliance with the IACS Standards, the highest standards available for campus counseling centers, and was found to offer outstanding professional services to clientele,” Director Peggy Crowe said.

The Counseling & Testing Center is committed to promoting the academic mission of the university by providing a variety of psychological services to students that will augment recruitment, retention and graduation by strengthening students’ capacity to tolerate distress, form healthy relationships and seek healthy expressions of their ideals and values, Dr. Crowe said. The Counseling & Testing Center also advances the university’s mission by providing educational programming, training and consultation to the students, faculty, staff and constituents of WKU.

IACS started in the late 1940s when it was a Committee of the National Vocational Guidance Association. IACS was established as an association in 1972 to encourage and aid counseling services to meet high professional standards through peer evaluation and to inform the public about campus counseling services that are competent and reliable.

Contact: Peggy Crowe, (270) 745-3159

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