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WKU Studio Series presents 2 plays in 1 night for 1 price

Theatre challenges us to examine who we are and who we want to be. The WKU Department of Theatre & Dance Studio Series will present two captivating plays Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 29-March 1) that look at human relationships and how who we are and what we do affects others.

2-29playPost Wave Spectacular, written by Louisville native Diana Grisanti, is a play about female empowerment. These larger than life women are fed up with the treatment they’ve received at the hands of men – well, one man in particular — and set out to do something about it. (Note: The play includes adult situations and language.)

Director Allie Thomas was drawn to the play because of its all-female cast. “The message of female empowerment this play offers definitely caught my eye,” said Thomas, a junior from Clinton. “Women should stand up for themselves, especially if men have treated them wrongly. I hope the audience loves this play as much as I do.”

Edward Albee’s Finding the Sun examines passions lost and those never found through sexual orientations, parent-offspring relationships, and the changes in perspectives that develop with age. A mother-son and three entangled couples arrive separately but together at a beach, and in various combinations interact frankly, angrily, inquisitively, and at times passionately to reveal the complicated web of human associations and loss. Albee reveals that we are all alone, together.

Dr. Bruce Schulte, head of the WKU Biology Department and a WKU Theatre student, picked this play because of its message about the acceptance of others for who they are. “This is a timeless message but in today’s world with the issues surrounding LBGTQ, dysfunctional relationships, the quandary about when adulthood begins, and the inevitable changes with the passage of time, the play seems especially appropriate,” Dr. Schulte said. “Each person seeks his or her own sun to light the way and to warm the journey. The topic, characters, age spans, and equal number of male-female parts should be appealing for WKU theatre students as actors and audience.”

The WKU Department of Theatre & Dance Studio Series will be presented at 8 p.m. Monday (Feb. 29) and Tuesday (March 1) in the Lab Theatre of WKU’s Gordon Wilson Hall. Tickets are $5 and are available in advance at wku.showare.com or by calling the WKU Fine Arts Box Office at (270) 745-3121 Monday through Friday from noon to 4 p.m.

  • Cast members of Post Wave Spectacular include Haylie Winkle, a junior from Georgetown; Hannah Beth Turner, a sophomore from Harrodsburg; Paige Brouillette, a sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee; and Kirsten Kellersberger, a senior from Salvisa.
  • Cast members of Finding the Sun include Abigail Sauer, a freshman from Taylor Mill; Austin Vahle, a sophomore from Lexington; Bailey Vincent, a junior from Macon, Georgia; Colby Clark, a freshman from Bowling Green; Emily Huizenga, a junior from Glasgow; Lauren Hanson, a freshman from Brandenburg; Nicholas Struck, a freshman from Louisville; and Ethan Corder, a junior from Charlestown, Indiana.
  • Students involved in the creative team include Allie Thomas, a junior from Clinton, director of Post Wave Spectacular; Dr. Bruce Schulte, head of the Biology Department, director of Finding the Sun; Luke Smith, a junior from Louisville, set designer; Vivian Brackett, a senior from Bowling Green, lighting designer; Jessica Cundiff, a sophomore from Louisville, costume designer for Finding the Sun; Austin Brannin, a junior from Louisville, costume designer for Post Wave Spectacular; and Tyler Forbes, a junior from Fort Thomas, sound designer.

More information about the WKU Department of Theatre and Dance can be found at www.wku.edu/theatre-and-dance or by calling the department at (270) 745-5845. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @WKUTheatreDance.

Contact: Julie Pride, (270) 779-2560

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