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WKU students play key role in College Youth in Government conference

The WKU chapter of YMCA College Youth in Government dominated another year at the organization’s national conference Jan. 14-18, sending nearly two dozen students to participate in the model national government simulation.

Attended by students from universities across the nation, the conference was held in Washington, D.C., for the first time. After last year, when WKU students made significant gains in national officer positions and legislation, WKU students again played a key role in the conference leadership, including junior Jody Dahmer, who served as president.

“Personally I think that this conference was the best it possibly could have been for its inaugural year in D.C.,” Dahmer said. “I am most proud that WKU students made up three national officer positions, including three for next year’s conference.”

Jay Todd Richey, a junior, served as speaker of the House, while James Line, also a junior, led the CYIG press corps as editor-in-chief. Both will continue in their roles next year, while senior Colton Hounshell was elected to serve as vice president.

Several WKU students saw their bills passed, while junior Josh Knight and freshman Brian Anderson received awards for their ideas.

“We as a university brought a powerhouse delegation and it showed from the awards WKU delegates Josh Knight and Brian Anderson won for best legislation,” Dahmer said. “I feel that WKU College YIG is a diverse group of people from across our state and the support we receive from numerous departments across the university really reflects this.”

Contact: James Line, (502) 667-0486

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