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WKU Bonner Leaders collect blankets, items for homeless

Students, faculty, staff participate in Blessing Bag project

Thanks to the support of students, faculty and staff, WKU Bonner Leaders exceeded their goal of 45 blankets and collected 70 blankets along with 82 kits as part of the Blessing Bag project to support the homeless in the Bowling Green area.

WKU Bonner Leaders collected 70 blankets and other items as part of their Blessing Bag project to support the homeless in Bowling Green.

WKU Bonner Leaders collected 70 blankets and other items as part of their Blessing Bag project to support the homeless in Bowling Green.

WKU Bonner Leaders, a student program of the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships, set out to learn more about local poverty and raise awareness for homelessness this academic year.

According to Bonner Leader Eli Allen, homelessness is an issue in the city of Bowling Green. “We really wanted to raise awareness for this issue and make a positive impact within the community by donating items to those who may be less fortunate,” Allen said.

Some Bonner Leaders knew of HOTEL INC’s (Helping Others Through Extended Love in the Name of Christ) homeless outreach programs, and they felt HOTEL INC would be a good partner for a potential project. HOTEL INC focuses on poverty and homelessness, and coordinates a program on Tuesday evenings serving dinner to the homeless at River Walk Bridge. From speaking with HOTEL INC, the Bonner Leaders agreed that donating items to the homeless and volunteering at River Walk Bridge would fit well within their goal to learn more and raise awareness.

WKU Bonner Leaders started reaching out to organizations in early October to help collect items for HOTEL INC’s list of Hygiene Kits, Street Medicine Kits and Winter Kits in hopes that each would provide essential items for the health and warmth of individuals experiencing homelessness. To reach their goal, WKU Bonner Leaders also sought assistance from willing faculty and staff to collect blankets. The Student Ambassadors of Service, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Student Health Association, WKU Graduate Student Social Worker Organization, and countless WKU faculty and staff joined efforts to support the project by giving and volunteering.

Through the Blessing Bag project, collections included 70 blankets, 52 Hygiene Kits, 10 Street Medicine Kits, and 20 Winter Kits. There were several additional individual hygiene items collected. Flash lights, batteries and scarfs were the only item in low supply from the Blessing Bags. Bonner Leaders are still confirming a time to fellowship and volunteer with the outreach program on River Walk Bridge. For information, call the WKU ALIVE CCP at (270) 782-0082.

The WKU ALIVE CCP connects students, faculty, staff, and community members to resources and opportunities for meaningful service and public scholarship. The ALIVE CCP supports community development locally and abroad through campus and community partnerships.

As a faith-based non-profit, HOTEL INC breaks the cycle of poverty and homelessness to build self-sufficient households. Staff and volunteers develop innovative programs to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of clients, so they might break free from cycles of poverty and homelessness.

Contact: Alexus Richardson, (270) 782-0082

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