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WKU SKyTeach program receives $400,000 grant

Professors in WKU’s SKyTeach program recently received a $400,000 Mathematics Science Partnership research grant from the Kentucky Department of Education.

The grant will fund Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education research with middle and high school math and science teachers in WKU’s service area. This collaborative research project involves faculty and master teachers in the School of Teacher Education Dr. Jennifer Cribbs, Principal Investigator; Dr. Martha Day, Co-Principal Investigator; Dr. Janet Tassell; Rico Tyler; David Almand; Catherine Poteet; and David Bell, along with Dr. Lester Pesterfield in Chemistry and the Simpson County, Hart County, Russellville Independent, Glasgow Independent and Allen County school districts.

The two-year project will engage STEM teachers in inquiry and project-based instruction aligned to the Kentucky State Standards for math and science. In addition, districts will be provided funds to assist in the creation of makerspaces to support project-based activities. Through project activities and on-going support, the grant aims to foster teacher growth with the use of research-based practices in STEM and to increase student achievement in math and science.

Contact: Jennifer Cribbs, (270) 745-4368

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