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WKU honors 55 students from northern Kentucky area

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WKU honored 55 students from 12 high schools in the northern Kentucky area for their academic achievements.

This year’s group of students invited to the luncheon has an average ACT composite score of 30.6 and grade-point average of 3.89 and included 61 Kentucky Governor’s Scholars/Governor’s School for the Arts/Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs and 17 National Merit Semifinalists.

The following students were recognized Oct. 29 at Receptions during the Northern Kentucky Area Scholars Luncheon:

  • Beechwood High School: Kenna Carr, Lauren Clepper, Ruslan Dzhorgov, Grant Lang, Alexia Rieger, Abby Shoyat, Olga Shoyat, Rebecca Slagle
  • Bishop Brossart High School: Cassandra Rinehard, Justin Rolf
  • Boone County High School: Tyland Duggans, Benjamin Ellis, Ryan Hunt, Carson Kruml, Samantha McMillan, Robert Miller, Catherine Raleigh, Victoria Rice, Nathaniel Sudenga, Julie Volpenhein, Robert White, Jared Williams
  • Calvary Christian School: Jonathan Howell
  • Conner High School: Joshua Brown, Nathan Eberhard, Jonathan Frommeyer, Jenna Hicks, John Michael Holtzclaw, Christopher Sander, Bethany Vest
  • Dixie Heights High School: Alexandra LaMar, Dillon McCormick, Cassidy Townsend
  • Highlands High School: Alexis Herman
  • Holy Cross High School: Michael Bramer, Emma Daniels, Zachary Doerger, Catherine Ehlman, Matthew Kim, Stephanie Kinn, Sydney Robke
  • Randall K. Cooper High School: Jovanni Candia, Victoria Martin
  • Simon Kenton High School: Jenna Fuerst
  • St. Henry High School: Emily Beimesch, Jared Dejonckeere, Kendal Emerson, Abigail Nienaber, Payton Welch
  • Walton-Verona High School: Andrea Bussell, Olivia DeZarn, Emery Fritz, Sydney Kline, Erica Sandlin, Theresa Whelan

Upcoming Scholars Luncheons

The luncheon was the fifth of eight recognition events WKU will conduct this fall. Here’s the list of other upcoming events:

  • Nov. 5: Lexington Area Scholars Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. (Eastern time) at Hyatt Regency, 401 W. High St., Lexington.
  • Nov. 10: Owensboro Area Scholars Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. at Owensboro Convention Center, 501 W. Second St., Owensboro.
  • Nov. 12: Louisville Area Scholars Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. (Eastern time) at The Frazier History Museum, 829 W. Main St., Louisville.

Contact: Campus and Community Events, (270) 745-2497


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