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WKU wins national award for Literacy 199 reading program

A program to help WKU students who are underprepared for college reading has received national recognition.

Literacy 199, a for-credit reading intervention course developed as an alternative to non-credit developmental courses, was honored with the Excellence and Innovation Award from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. WKU received one of two awards presented in the Student Success and College Completion category.

“Students who would otherwise be mandated to enroll in a developmental course for zero college credit can instead take a three-credit hour intervention course,” said Daniel Super, instructor in WKU’s Center for Literacy. The course has served about 1,000 students in the past five years and has shown a significant positive impact on retention and graduation, he said.

The course is designed to help students who score 18-19 on the reading portion of the ACT improve reading skills to be successful in college. Without this intervention, these students would have been required to take the non-credit developmental reading course. “Literacy 199 is intended to prepare students for the rigors of college reading while ensuring that the students receive credit toward graduation and stay on track to continue with matriculation,” Super said.

“Underprepared students are not incapable students,” he said. “No matter the social or academic background of a student, WKU is committed to educating well-rounded, productive members of our society.”

In its second year, AASCU’s Excellence and Innovation Awards program honors member institutions for excellence and innovation in student success and college completion, regional and economic development, leadership development and diversity and international education. The awards will be presented Oct. 25 at the opening session of AASCU’s annual meeting in Austin, Texas.

Contact: Daniel Super, (270) 745-2809

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