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WKU PBS earns record 7 Ohio Valley Emmy Award nominations

WKU PBS, WKU’s Public Television Service, has been nominated for seven awards in six different categories for the 51st Annual Ohio Valley Emmy Awards. Recipients will be announced during a July 25 ceremony at Keeneland in Lexington.

WKU’s public broadcasting service has been nominated in each of the past 12 years, receiving the award 17 times.

Joshua Niedwick, who was nominated for an Ohio Valley Emmy Award, records artist Kelsey Waldon for WKU PBS' "Lost River Sessions." (Photo by Cheryl Beckley)

Joshua Niedwick, who was nominated for an Ohio Valley Emmy Award, records artist Kelsey Waldon for WKU PBS’ “Lost River Sessions.” WKU PBS has been nominated for seven awards in six different categories for the 51st Annual Ohio Valley Emmy Awards. (Photo by Cheryl Beckley)

“Our audiences expect excellence from our staff. We take our responsibility to them and this region very seriously,” Director of Public Broadcasting David Brinkley said. “We are particularly honored that Kentucky focused programs are featured for award consideration this year.”

Cheryl Beckley (’80) and Jessica Gibbs (’07), previous Emmy recipients, were nominated again this year for their work on “MainStreet,” the magazine style program from WKU PBS. Beckley added, “MainStreet is a wonderful storytelling platform that allows us as producers to reach the heart of a story through the subjects that we interview and we’re proud to have been nominated for this honor.”

In all, seven different individuals were included in the nominations including four first-time nominees. Neil Purcell, a spring 2015 graduate from Mayfield, was a senior during the production of his related material.

“Every piece entered was created while I was still a WKU student, and couldn’t have been completed without guidance from the WKU PBS staff and access to professional equipment.” Purcell said. “It’s a great feeling to know my work is being recognized alongside long-standing industry professionals.”

Darius Barati (’07) and James Pearson, also first-time nominees, were recognized in multiple categories for work they did on WKU PBS new music series “Lost River Sessions.” Barati and Pearson co-produced the series, nominated in the Arts/Entertainment category. Additionally, Barati received nominations related to his work on WKU PBS longest running series “MainStreet” and in the lighting craft category for “Lost River Sessions.”

“The opportunity to represent not only WKU but also the communities of south central Kentucky at the Emmys is the highest of honors,” Barati said. “I couldn’t be more excited to be involved in WKU PBS’ long standing tradition of creating excellent programming that both reflects and showcases the rich culture of this region.”

Pearson and Allan Stokes, another first-time nominee, received nominations in the craft audio category for their work on “Lost River Sessions” and “Lost River Music Festival” respectively.

Joshua Niedwick (’03), a previous Emmy nominee, was nominated again this year for a composite of material related to the craft of videography. “I’m honored to once again join my peers in representing the best of what WKU PBS and WKU has to offer not only to the faculty, staff and students, but also to our greater south central Kentucky community at large,” Niedwick said.

WKU PBS received the following nominations:

  • Arts/Entertainment: Lost River Sessions – “The Carmonas”; Darius Barati, James Pearson
  • Magazine Program: MainStreet – “Kentucky Spirits”; Cheryl Shrader Beckley, Darius Barati, Jessica Gibbs
  • Interstitial Content: Little BG, Harlaxton, and Only Footprints, Neil Purcell
  • Photographer – Program: Composite, Joshua Niedwick
  • Audio: Lost River Sessions, James Pearson and Lost River Music Festival, Allan Stokes
  • Lighting: Lost River Sessions, Darius Barati


The Emmy Awards judge entries on their own merits and do not compare entries to one another. It is for that reason that the Emmys are unique because there can be one award, more than one award, or no awards given in any given category. The Emmy Award, also known as the “Emmy,” is the highest award given in the television industry and it considered the television equivalent to the Academy Awards (for film), Grammy Awards (for music) and Tony Awards (for stage).

Contact: David Brinkley, (270) 745-6140

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