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Scholarship allows 2 Grayson County students to attend VAMPY

The Dann and Kathi Cann annual scholarship will sponsor two students from Grayson County to attend the Summer Program for Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY) this year. VAMPY is sponsored by The Center for Gifted Studies at WKU.

vampy logo 2015“Kathi and I are excited Chloe and Alexis will be attending VAMPY this year,” Dann said. “These two young ladies competed with students from around the world and were selected to participate in VAMPY. We consider it an honor to be able to reward this level of achievement.”

Chloe Lindsey is one recipient of the Cann scholarship. She is the daughter of Salina and Josh Lindsey. Chloe will be a sophomore at Grayson County High School and will be in the Presidential Politics class this summer at VAMPY. “I’m really grateful that I can go to VAMPY and learn with other students who are there to learn as much as I am,” Chloe said. “Without the Dann and Kathi Cann scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. They change lives with their generosity, and I’m grateful for it.”

Alexis Coon is the other recipient of the Cann scholarship. She is the daughter of Christina and David Coon. Alexis will be a sophomore at Grayson County High School, and she’ll be taking Physics at VAMPY this year. “I’ve gone to SCATS the last three years and it’s been one of the most positive experiences of my life,” Alexis said. “Every year at SCATS, the students who were taking the five-week challenge were so excited about VAMPY. I can’t wait to take that next step with my education.”

VAMPY, which will be held June 21 to July 11 this year, is a three-week residential academic program. VAMPY brings students from across the United States and abroad to the campus of WKU in Bowling Green to engage in both academic and social growth opportunities. VAMPY started in 1984 as the first cooperative program with the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP).

“VAMPY is a tradition that I am delighted to say will be offered annually to students in Grayson County,” said Julia Roberts, Mahurin Professor of Gifted Education and Executive Director of The Center for Gifted Studies. “Of course, other young people are welcome to apply to VAMPY, too, and I hope they will!”

For information on VAMPY or to register for this camp, visit www.wku.edu/gifted/vampy.

More: Read more about summer programs at The Center for Gifted Studies.

Contact: Sam Oldenburg, (270) 745-3014

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