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Presidents of WKU, BCTC sign joint admissions agreement

Presidents Dr. Augusta Julian of Bluegrass Community and Technical College and Dr. Gary Ransdell of WKU signed a joint admissions agreement Tuesday (May 5) that will pave the way for BCTC students to have an easier path to a bachelor’s degree at WKU.

Students can be admitted to both BCTC and WKU at the same time through this agreement. With this agreement, BCTC and WKU hope to:

  • improve student success and degree attainment at the associate and baccalaureate levels,
  • reduce the time to earn a degree at both the associate and bachelor’s degree levels
  • expand student options for college services
  • improve academic program articulation
  • expand financial aid resources to support “two plus two” students
  • use resources at both institutions more effectively and efficiently
  • plan, develop and align instructional programs at the undergraduate level

Both institutions will recruit students for the joint admissions program, and students can take classes at either school. BCTC students will have access to student services at WKU, such as cultural events, sporting events, library services, dining facilities and student organizations.

All students admitted through the program will have a WKU advisor assigned to them to ensure a smooth transition from BCTC to the university level, although academic advising will be a joint responsibility. Students that have already earned an AA or AS at BCTC can take advantage of the program if certain requirements are met.

“Clear pathways to bachelor’s degrees are critical for BCTC students to meet their educational goals,” Dr. Julian said.  “The agreement with WKU takes this one step further by letting students integrate the benefits of the community college and the university experience. We appreciate WKU creating this opportunity.”

“WKU is proud to sign a joint admissions agreement with Bluegrass Community and Technical College,” Dr. Ransdell said. “This makes the eighth such agreement with a KCTCS campus. These agreements are largely why WKU leads the Commonwealth in KCTCS transfers. We value the number of KCTCS transfers who complete a WKU bachelor’s degree, and the significant role which they play in the quality of life on our four WKU campuses in Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Glasgow and Owensboro. We welcome BCTC students into the WKU higher education community.”

Contact: Jennifer Tyson, jennifer.tyson@kctcs.edu or (859) 246-650; or Bob Skipper, bob.skipper@wku.edu, or (270) 745-4295


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