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SKy Science Festival culminates May 2 with Expo Day events

The exploration of science involves choices, so it is fitting that people attending Kentucky’s first science festival will need to choose between multiple interesting possibilities. SKy Science Festival is a series of special science-centric events culminating in Expo Day on Saturday (May 2) in Circus Square Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

5-2skyfestExpo Day offers the opportunity to explore the sciences in a carnival-like atmosphere. Starting at 9:30 a.m. on the Demonstration Stage there will be a continuous series of captivating presentations of the magic and wonders of science, engineering and technology.

Louisville’s Kentucky Science Center brings “Ion Jones and the Castle of Chemistry” to Bowling Green. Possibly a distant relation of the Indiana Jones character from the Steven Spielberg films, the adventurer / chemist Ion Jones will take his audience on a global quest of tests and experiments as he seeks to recover the Lost Castle of Chemistry. Ion Jones will involve the crowd during his encounters with the chemical reactions at the Mountain of Fire and the states of matter in the Dunes of Silica.

Hooked on Science’s Jason Lindsey will turn the stage into a laboratory with his “Amazing Science” program. The audience will share in scientific wonders such as singing steel rods and trash cans that shoot smoke rings.

Bowling Green’s Armin Smailhodzic will explode onto the stage, literally. In “Motion Commotion” Master Armin will arrive in style on a rocket propelled car, spin like a championship ice skater, and share other wonders of the physics of movement. “Keep Your Cool Under Pressure” brings Master Armin back to the Demonstration Stage with astounding displays of extremes in temperature and pressure. He will present powerful examples of otherwise familiar substances transitioning between gas, liquid, and solid states of matter.

Spending time at the Demonstration Stage might be how some spend their time at the SKy Science Festival’s Expo Day; however, others will not be able to tear themselves away from the dozens of activity tables providing more intimate opportunities to investigate and discover.

At the Nanotechnology table, visitors will investigate and compare how properties at the nanoscale are responsible for sticky behavior of Kinetic Sand, or clothing that doesn’t get stained.

The chance to be a polymer chemist is being provided by the WKU Chem Club. At their tables, visitors will create shrinky dinks, which get smaller and thicker when the polymers of the plastic are heated. Investigating ways to control surface tension and to explore the effects of density will be other options to stay engaged at the Chem Club tables.

The WKU Microbiology Club is sharing limited samples of a bioluminescent plankton known as dinoflagelettes, with the chance to view the organisms through their microscopes.

Organ pipes constructed from plastic pipe and xylophones made from soda bottles with different water levels will allow visitors to the Society of Physics Students’ table to explore the properties of sound. Each person will have the chance to make a simple instrument out of soda straws.

Admission is $5 (children under 6 free) at the gates. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $3 each or four for $9. For information about Expo Day or other related SKy Science Festival offerings leading up to it as well as advanced ticket purchases visit www.skyscifest.com or find skyscifest on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact: Richard Gelderman, richard.gelderman@wku.edu or (270) 745-6203

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