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Fulbright teaching assistants to discuss U.S. experiences April 7

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants in WKU’s Department of Modern Languages, Ahmed Awadallah (Arabic) and Nikita Prokhorov (Russian), will give a presentation on April 7 about their experiences teaching in the United States this year.

4-7fulbrightThis is a great opportunity for WKU students to learn more about the opportunity to spend a year in another country teaching English with the support of Fulbright. The presentation will begin at 4 p.m. at Gary Ransdell Hall Auditorium.

“It has been a tremendous enrichment for our department to have Ahmed and Nikita with us this year,” said Dr. Laura McGee, head of the Department of Modern Languages. “Not only does it allow us to offer more sections of beginning Arabic and Russian each year, they’ve been amazing cultural ambassadors for their home countries. All of us in the department – and the students they are teaching – have enjoyed learning about the traditions, values, food, dance and arts of the countries they come from. They add diversity and fresh perspectives to our teaching of Arabic and Russian at WKU.”

Melinda Grimsley-Smith, WKU’s Fulbright Program Advisor, will be on hand to inform WKU students about upcoming application deadlines and additional support the Office of Scholar Development provides to applicants.

“Fulbright funds graduates for a year abroad studying for a degree, conducting research or a creative project, or teaching English,” she said. “Although our campus deadline is Sept. 1, this is the time of year that students—especially May 2016 graduates—should begin thinking about where and why they want to apply. Hearing about Ahmed and Nikita’s experiences as Fulbright recipients and having the chance to ask them questions will undoubtedly help prospective WKU applicants begin to think through their options.”

McGee added: “WKU students I have spoken to have been really positive about the help they have received from the Office of Scholar Development in navigating the complex application process. Their eyes just light up when they talk about the OSD staff members with whom they have worked.”

Contact: Laura McGee, (270) 745-2401

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