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WKU professor selected as Sport Professional of the Year

WKU Professor William “Willie” Hey has been chosen as “Sport Professional of the Year” by Southern District SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Educators) America.

The Sport Professional of the Year Award honors outstanding leaders in the professional domain of sport. Qualifications for the award include:

  • Serves as a positive role model epitomizing the values and desired outcomes of sport
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for the sport profession
  • Shows interest in, and sensitivity to the needs of students, clients, and fellow professionals
  • Utilizes various methodologies and implements creative, innovative, safe, and effective sport-related courses and programs based on: the developmental, social and psychological needs of participants; and the needs, purposes, philosophies and resources of the sponsoring institution of sport.

Dr. Hey has almost 30 years of higher education experience and has taught many undergraduate and graduate courses. He received degrees from Northeast Louisiana University, Northwestern State University and Southern Illinois University.

Currently, Dr. Hey is the graduate coordinator of the Sport Media & Branding (SMB) concentration within the Master of Science in Recreation & Sport Administration graduate program in the School of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport at WKU. He provides leadership and other vital input for curriculum development, creating course assignments, and marketing strategies for the SMB concentration. The SMB concentration is an innovative, first of its kind completely online program where the School of KRS partnered with the WKU School of Journalism & Broadcasting. He also spearheaded efforts that led the SMB concentration to partner with nationally recognized sport related organizations.

Dr. Hey has been a longtime contributor to the state, district and national affiliations and remains active in research. His most recent research efforts were mentoring 90 students in graduate research classes to create a manuscript for publication. He co-presented two sessions at last year’s Southern District convention.

Dr. Hey has also written three poetry books, one fiction novel and a sports-related book about his high school basketball team.

Contact: William Hey, (270) 745-3350

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