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Power restored to 3 buildings; power remains out at PFT

Pearce-Ford Tower power outage 2:05 p.m. Thursday update

As of 2:05 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 19), the power has been restored to PFT and all systems are in the process of being tested. We anticipate that all PFT residents will be able to return to the hall at 4 p.m. today. If we encounter any other issues, we will post them on www.wku.edu/housing.

Pearce-Ford Tower power outage 5:23 pm Wednesday update

The cable is on site and contractors are working through the cold to get it installed and ready for connection to PFT. If all goes as expected, the building should be ready for occupancy by late afternoon on Thursday. WKU Housing will send an update tomorrow with the specific time that students can return to the hall.

Pearce-Ford Tower power outage Wednesday afternoon update

The cable needed for the repair at PFT is in route from Chicago. A truck left last night to get it and is on its way back. Once the cable is on site, WKU Housing will provide an additional update as to the timeframe for the installation and connection to PFT.

The PFT desk is open today (Wednesday) until 5 p.m., so if you need a place to stay for tonight or need to get belongings out of your room, please stop by before 5 p.m.

Please watch for updates on the Housing & Residence Life main page (www.wku.edu/housing), our Facebook Page (Housing & Residence Life at WKU) or Twitter account (@WKUHRL).

Power restored to 3 buildings, remains out at PFT

Early Tuesday morning (Feb. 17) a high voltage cable that provides electrical power to the south end of the WKU campus failed, impacting Pearce-Ford Tower (PFT), Meredith Hall, Zacharias Hall and the Preston Center.

Students were relocated to other facilities on campus, primarily the Downing Student Union, and work has been ongoing throughout the day to assess the situation and make necessary repairs. Emergency power was restored to allow students access to their rooms to retrieve personal items.

Power has been restored to Meredith, Zacharias and Preston, and those buildings are fully operational and accessible to students.

Power to PFT remains out. The necessary equipment and replacement cable are in transit and repairs are expected to be complete by late Thursday. Housing and Residence Life staff are working to assist PFT residents to secure alternate housing for the next two nights, including vacant rooms on campus, and the Downing Student Union and Preston Center are open on a 24-hour schedule and are available to accommodate students overnight. Twenty-four hour visitation is in place for all residence halls for the next two nights to allow students to stay with friends on campus. PFT residents should contact HRL staff before 8 p.m. Tuesday at 270-745-3143.

For additional information and instructions contact HRL, or go to www.wku.edu/housing.

Contact: WKU Housing, (270) 745-4359

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