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WKU Study Away office relocates

The WKU Office of Study Away has relocated to Tate Page Hall, room 104, on the WKU campus to accommodate a growing staff.

Study Away Coordinator Rebecca Schwartz and Faculty-Led Study Abroad Coordinator Erin Greunke will continue to support Study Away Director Jerry Barnaby to develop partnerships and develop programs for students to expand their learning beyond campus.

Study Away has also become the new host institution for the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA), a study abroad consortium of American colleges and universities that administers programs in English-speaking countries for our 23 member campuses. WKU Study Away will serve as the liaison between CCSA and WKU.

Barnaby said that with this change, three CCSA staff members will join his office. Robin Byerly is the program coordinator and has been with CCSA for many years. Robert Bedard joins CCSA as the Accounts Coordinator. And Dave Nelson joins CCSA as the data specialist.

“While the CCSA team works exclusively on CCSA programs, we hope to build connections between our WKU programs and CCSA in areas such as professional development and training from which all program leaders will benefit,” Barnaby said. “Having CCSA, Faculty-Led Study Abroad, National Student Exchange and Study Away all under one roof will help us better respond to specific academic needs and interests.”

According to Barnaby, last year Study Away partnered with WKU faculty to support nearly 600 participants in 60 study abroad and study away programs.

“We are ready to partner with all areas of campus and the communities served by WKU to create even more learning opportunities that challenge students to part of leading American university with international reach,” he said.

Study Away is a unit of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO) and manages Study Away, American Traveler and Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs, as well as the National Student Exchange. They partner with faculty and academic departments to develop and administer innovative learning opportunities within the U.S. and around the world.

For information about WKU Study Away, visit wku.edu/studyaway. Additional information about CCSA is available at http://www.ccsa.cc. You may also email Jerry Barnaby at jerry.barnaby@wku.edu.

Contact: Jerry Barnaby, (270) 745-2231

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