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International Journal of Leadership and Change available on TopSCHOLAR

WKU Libraries announces its fifth electronic journal offered on the TopSCHOLAR platform. International Journal of Leadership and Change (IJLC) is a peer-reviewed electronic and paper journal dedicated to scholarly work that advances knowledge about leadership and transformative change around the globe, especially in educational or education-related environments. IJLC includes two divisions: 1) studies related to applied, clinical, or policy issues; and 2) studies related to leadership theory or research.

IJLC imageUnder the editorship of Joseph Cangemi, WKU Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Scholar-in-Residence, and with Associate Editor Tony Norman, IJLC is a collaborative enterprise of WKU’s Educational Leadership Doctoral Program and College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

“We are delighted to provide a leadership journal that is sufficiently research- and theory-based to advance scholarship in the field as well as offer practitioners a useful resource,” Norman said. “We believe this journal represents another strategic initiative to make the leadership and international aspects of WKU’s vision a reality.”

IJLC represents a continued effort of WKU’s College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and its Educational Leadership Doctoral Program to advance national and international knowledge and research regarding leadership in general, as well as issues and challenges related to the practice of effective, transformative leadership in educational settings.

“We are excited for the creation and launch of another electronic and openly accessible journal and congratulate Dr. Norman for his strong commitment to the process of establishing an online presence for IJLC,” said Connie Foster, Dean of Libraries. “Such a global presence and discovery of its contents will continue to showcase the intellectual and international outreach of WKU faculty.”

To access the journal, go to digitalcommons.wku.edu/ijlc/. For information about the journal, contact Tony Norman at (270) 745-3061.

Contact: Jennifer Wilson, (270) 745-6977.

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