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WKU students launch nationwide Ad+PR Futures research project

WKU students in the Spring 2014 section of Advertising Campaigns in the School of Journalism and Broadcasting have launched a nationwide research project to assess current education standards and business trends within the fields of Advertising and Public Relations.

The primary goal the Ad+PR Futures project is to gather data directly from Ad+PR educators, prospective majors, and industry thought leaders concerning education and the skills desired by today’s employers. Once gathered, the data will be complied into two reports to be published in hard copy and online. One report will cover Ad+PR education. The other report will cover industry trends in Ad+PR. The resulting reports will be used to support future academic courses at WKU and beyond.

“Launching the survey is a key step in our research,” said Gabrielle Williamson, a WKU advertising senior taking part in the project. Williamson is also the president of the Advertising Federation on WKU’s campus. “We need the data to begin our assessment and to have a successful outcome.”

The team has completed the forms for WKU’s Human Subjects Review Board and was approved to move forward last week. They have created the online survey, project website and a Twitter account to help promote the project. “I’m excited to get the ball rolling,” Williamson said. “This could mean great things for prospective students in our program.”

For information on WKU Ad+PR and the Ad+PR Futures project, visit http://wkufusion.com/research or contact the project sponsor Professor Cliff Shaluta at (270) 745-5833.

ABOUT WKU AD+PR: Both the Advertising and Public Relations programs are attracting smart and creative students who want to excel beyond the norm. We offer a challenging, yet supportive environment. Our slogan is “Think Out Loud.” We encourage our majors to look at problems in fresh and novel ways. Our majors also have the best tools to help them innovate. We are housed in an $18 million state-of-the-art building with easily accessible technology.

Contact: Cliff Shaluta, cliff.shaluta@wku.edu or (270) 991-6966.

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