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2013 Talisman wins Gold Crown

The 2013 Talisman, “Form,” won the Gold Crown Award from Columbia University at the College Media Association spring conference in New York City.

WKU's 2013 Talisman won the Gold Crown Award.

WKU’s 2013 Talisman won the Gold Crown Award.

This is the WKU yearbook’s sixth Gold Crown and its fourth in the past four years in the competition organized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Previous Gold Crowns were awarded to the Talisman in 1982, 1995, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The editor-in-chief of the 2013 Talisman was Amber Plunkett, a May 2013 graduate from Clarksville, Tenn. The adviser was Charlotte Turtle.

In the CSPA critique, the Talisman scored 974 out of 1,000 points, including a rare perfect score for visual presentation. Three other yearbooks nationwide also were awarded Gold Crowns for 2013: Ibis from the University of Miami, Sooner from the University of Oklahoma, and Tower from Loyola Marymount University.

Other members of the 2013 Talisman editorial board were Lauren Cherry, a December 2013 graduate from Louisville, managing editor; Sam Oldenburg, a May 2013 graduate from Owatonna, Minn., photography editor; Abby O’Bryan, a Louisville senior, photography editor; Julie Washer, a May 2013 graduate from Bowling Green, design editor; Houston Harris, an Evansville, Ind., senior, design editor; Elizabeth Beilman, a December 2013 graduate from Louisville, writing editor; Sam Osborne, a Bowling Green senior, sports editor; and Katie Honadle, an Owensboro senior, marketing and public relations director and the editor-in-chief of the 2014 Talisman.

Students won the following individual Gold Circle awards from CSPA:

  • Personality profile: First place, Elizabeth Beilman, “Fear of Home.”
  • Feature presentation: First place, Tyler Essary, Mary-Kate Smith and Julie Washer, “King of Hearts.”
  • People spread without mug photos:
First place, Houston Harris, Brittany Sowacke and Julie Washer, “Mud Volleyball;” certificate of merit, Davide Fellini, Bria Granville and Mary-Kate Smith, “James Kemp.”
  • Feature writing, Student Life:
Second place, Drew Couch, “Here Again.”
  • Organization/Greek writing:
Second place, Natalie West, “Two Months on Two Wheels.”
  • Academic photo:
Second place, Luke Sharrett, “Military Mountaineering.”
  • Feature photo: Second place, Peyton Hobson, “Lanterns for Landon;” certificate of merit, Brandon Carter, “The Crown.”
  • People spreads without mug photos multi-page presentation:
Second place, Staff, “Growing Up Greek.”
  • Student Life, single spread: Third place, Allyson Beasecker, Leah Voss, Julie Washer, “Fall Fashion.”
  • Sports, page multi-page presentation: Third place, Staff.
  • Photo portfolio: Third place, Jabin Botsford.
  • Division page design: Third place, Houston Harris, Maggie Reed and Julie Washer.
  • Sports reporting: Certificate of merit, Sam Osborne, “Set Apart.”
  • Theme and concept: Certificate of merit, Staff, “Form.”
  • Sports action photo: Certificates of merit, Joshua Lindsey, “Men’s Basketball” and “Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.”
  • Student Life, multi-page presentation: Certificate of merit, Naomi Driessanck, Amber Plunkett, Julie Washer, “Harlaxton.”

The Talisman, founded in 1924, is among the nation’s top collegiate publications and is considered a trendsetter among yearbooks. In addition to the CSPA Gold Crown, the Talisman has won 15 national Pacemaker awards from Associated Collegiate Press, and was inducted into the ACP Hall of Fame in 2009.

Contact: Charlotte Turtle, (270) 745-3305; or Chuck Clark, (270) 745-4206.

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