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College Heights Herald named state’s best university newspaper

The College Heights Herald, WKU’s student newspaper, was named the top university news organization in Kentucky during the Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers award ceremony Friday evening in Lexington.

The Herald won first place from the Kentucky Press Association for general excellence in news among university newspapers. The Herald also won third place for general excellence as an advertising product; it was the highest ranking for a college newspaper.

In the news contest, staff members for the Herald won 17 first-place honors, 11 second-place, seven third-place and four honorable mentions – far more individual awards than any other university newspaper in the Commonwealth. In the advertising contest, in which the Herald competed with commercial publications, the Herald ad staff won five second-place awards, eight thirds and one honorable mention.

Michael McKay, a Louisville senior, was the Herald’s editor-in-chief for the Fall 2013 semester. Monica Spees, a May 2013 graduate, was the Spring 2013 editor, and Tessa Duvall, a December 2013 graduate, was editor in Fall 2012. The advertising managers were Henry Sandefur, a December 2013 graduate, and Sydney Armstrong, a May 2013 graduate. The contest period covered Oct. 1, 2012-Sept. 30, 2013.

“Kentucky is known for having some excellent college newspapers,” said Chuck Clark, director of WKU Student Publications. “At the College Heights Herald, students make all the decisions on content, and I am so proud that their work, their coverage and their leadership was judged by a wide margin to be the best among their peers in Kentucky.”

The contest was judged by the Alabama Press Association. In their comments, the judges praised the Herald for strong reporting, writing and design. “Y’all are doing something right at WKU and the Herald,” one judge wrote.

Carrie Pratt is the adviser to the College Heights Herald newsroom and Jason Thompson is the adviser to the advertising staff.

News contest results

Here is how the Herald did in the news contest (the entries can be viewed at www.kypress.com/excellence2013results/cu.php):

  • GENERAL EXCELLENCE: First place.
  • BEST FRONT PAGE: First place – staff.
  • BEST GENERAL NEWS STORY: First place – Jacob Parker; second place – Cameron Koch and Michael McKay; third place – Zirconia Allyene and Michael McKay; honorable mention – Shelby Rogers, Taylor Harrison, Cameron Koch, Ella Burnside.
  • BEST SPOT NEWS COVERAGE: First place – Michael McKay, Cameron Koch and Taylor Harrison.
  • BEST ONGOING COVERAGE: First place – Zirconia Allyene and Michael McKay.
  • BEST FEATURE STORY: First place – Monta Reinfelde; second place – Kristina Burton; third place – Ella Burnside.
  • BEST SPORTS STORY: First place – Lucas Aulbach.
  • BEST SPORTS FEATURE: First place – Elliott Pratt; second place – Elliott Pratt; third place – Brad Stephens.
  • BEST BUSINESS STORY: First place – Cameron Koch; honorable mention – Michael McKay.
  • BEST HEADLINE: First place – Michael McKay.
  • BEST SPOT NEWS PICTURE: First place – Seth Fisher; second place – Tyler Essary.
  • BEST GENERAL NEWS PICTURE: First place – Brian Powers; honorable mention – Katie McLean.
  • BEST FEATURE PICTURE: First place – Adam Wolffbrandt; second place – Kreable Young; third place – Seth Fischer.
  • BEST PICTURE ESSAY: First place – Jeff Brown, Tyler Essary and Trey Heath; third place – Shelby Mack; honorable mention – Brian Powers and Tyler Essary.
  • BEST SPORTS PICTURE: First place – Shelby Mack; second place – Jabin Botsford.
  • BEST SPORTS PICTURE ESSAY: First place – Katie McLean.
  • BEST GRAPHIC: First place – Cameron Love.
  • BEST EDITORIAL: Second place – staff.
  • BEST ENTERPRISE/ANALYTICAL STORY: Second place – Cameron Koch.
  • BEST SPECIAL SECTION: Second place – staff.
  • BEST SPORTS SECTION: Second place – staff.
  • BEST LIFESTYLE SECTION: Second place – staff.
  • BEST SPORTS COLUMN: Third place – Brad Stephens.
  • BEST WEBSITE: Third place – staff.

Advertising contest results

Here is how the Herald performed in the advertising contest (entries can be viewed at www.kypress.com/aekn2013results2/a.php):

  • GENERAL EXCELLENCE: Third place (highest among university newspapers).
  • FINANCIAL: Second place – staff.
  • FOOD/ALCOHOL: Second place – staff.
  • SPECIAL SECTIONS: Second place – staff; third place – staff.
  • BEST AD SERIES: Second place – Austin Stephenson; third place – Zach Tatoian.
  • PREPRINTS/SPECIAL PUBLICATION: Second place – Steven Charny; third place – Steven Charny.
  • DEPARTMENT/DISCOUNT/JEWELRY: Third place – staff.
  • HOLIDAY GREETING ADS: Third place – staff.
  • SPORTING GOODS/ATHLETICS: Third place – staff.
  • MULTIPLE ADVERTISER LOGO PAGE: Third place – Steven Charny.
  • HARDWARE/APPLIANCE STORES: Honorable mention – Zach Tatoian.

WKU Student Publications is home to some of the nation’s most honored student journalism at the collegiate level. The College Heights Herald newspaper, founded in January 1925, and its digital operation, WKUHERALD, have won 15 national Pacemaker awards. The Talisman, WKU’s yearbook first published in 1924, also has won 15 Pacemakers, the top award for college publications. Both the Herald and the Talisman have been inducted into the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame for their consistent records of excellence.

WKU Student Publications is located in the Adams-Whitaker Student Publications Center at 1660 Normal Drive on WKU’s main campus in Bowling Green. It is a state-of-the-art facility built through the generosity of the publications’ alumni in partnership with WKU.

Contact: Chuck Clark, (270) 745-2653.

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