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Geography & Geology students, faculty attend state meeting

Among several other departments from WKU, students and faculty from the Department of Geography and Geology attended the Kentucky Academy of Science’s 99th annual meeting Nov. 8-9 to participate in many activities including, oral paper presentations, moderating sessions and networking with Kentucky graduate schools.

WKU graduate student Veronica Hall presented her thesis research during the Geography session of the Kentucky Academy of Science meeting.

WKU graduate student Veronica Hall presented her thesis research during the Geography session of the Kentucky Academy of Science meeting.

Oral presentations by Geography and Geology students included:

  • The Kinematics and Structural Evolution of the Rough Creek Graben in Western Kentucky by undergraduate geology major Evan Crowe and Dr. Nahid Gani (Assistant Professor of Geology).
  • Using Raman Microscopy to Identify Plagioclase Zoning in Chilean Lava Flows by undergraduate geology major Michelle Foley and Dr. Andrew Wulff (Associate Professor of Geology).
  • Preliminary Investigation and Evaluation of a Linear Hydrocarbon Production Trend in Barren County, Kentucky by undergraduate geology major Matt Burnworth, geoscience, graduate student Andrew Reeder and Dr. Fred Siewers (Associate Professor of Geology).
  • Using Eye-Tracking Techniques to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Visual Stimuli in 2-D Karst Visualizations: Seeing Through the Complexities of Karst Environments by geoscience graduate student Beth Tyrie and Dr. Leslie North (Assistant Professor of Geography).
  • A Hydrometeorological Investigation of Precipitation and Water Resource Variability in Barbados by geoscience graduate student Veronica Hall, Dr. Jason Polk (Assistant Professor of Geography), former Geoscience graduate student Gil Ouellette, and Dr. Josh Durkee (Associate Professor of Meteorology).

Undergraduate Richard M. (Matt) Burnworth placed third in the Undergraduate Paper Presentation of the Geology section, while Geoscience graduate students Beth Tyrie and Veronica Hall tied for first place for their excellent paper presentations in the Geography section. (More: Other WKU award winners at the conference; the program for the meeting is available online at http://www.kyacademyofscience.org/pdf/2013finalprogram.pdf))

Also during the meeting, Dr. Leslie North was elected to serve as the President of the Geography Section for next year, and Dr. Jason Polk was elected to serve as Secretary for the Section.

KAS provides a great venue for students to network and gain experience presenting their research in front of faculty from different universities on the state level. “KAS is a fantastic way for graduate and undergraduate student to gain presentation experience and become well versed in the research of their fellow peers,” said Veronica Hall, who is completing a thesis on hydrometeorological techniques in Barbados under the direction of Dr. Polk. “The conference presents a great networking opportunity for future scientific endeavors.”

Next year, the 100th annual KAS meeting will be held in Lexington.

Contact: Dr. David Keeling, david.keeling@wku.edu.

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