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WKU faculty members to participate in Kentucky Book Fair

Ann K. Ferrell, assistant professor of Folk Studies, is one of five WKU faculty members who will participate in the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort on Saturday (Nov. 16).

burleyFerrell will be signing copies of her recent book Burley: Kentucky Tobacco in a New Century (University Press of Kentucky, 2013). She will join nearly 200 Kentucky authors at the annual event at the Frankfort Convention Center.

In Burley: Kentucky Tobacco in a New Century, Ferrell investigates the rapidly transforming process of raising and selling tobacco by chronicling her conversations with the farmers who know the crop best. She demonstrates that although the 2004 “buyout” ending the federal tobacco program is commonly perceived to be the most significant change that growers have had to negotiate, it is, in reality, only one new factor among many. Burley reveals the tangible and intangible challenges tobacco farmers face today, from the logistics of cultivation to the growing stigma against the crop.

Once iconic American symbols, tobacco farms are gradually disappearing. It is difficult for many people to lament the loss of a crop that has come to symbolize addiction, disease, and corporate deception; yet, in Kentucky, the plant has played an important role in economic development and prosperity. Burley tobacco—a light, air-cured variety used in cigarette production—has long been the Commonwealth’s largest cash crop and an important aspect of regional identity, along with bourbon, bluegrass music, and Thoroughbred horses.

Ferrell uses ethnography, archival research and rhetorical analysis to tell the complex story of burley tobacco production in 21st century Kentucky. Not only does she give a voice to the farmers who persevere in this embattled industry, but she also sheds light on their futures, contesting the widely held assumption that they can easily replace the crop by diversifying their operations with alternative crops. As tobacco fades from both the physical and economic landscapes, this nuanced volume documents and explores the culture and practices of burley production today.

Other WKU authors who will participate in the Kentucky Book Fair are:

  • David Bell, associate professor of English, whose fifth novel is Never Come Back.
  • Wes Berry, associate professor of English, who traveled the state for The Kentucky Barbecue Book.
  • Bruce Kessler, head of WKU’s Mathematics Department, whose Operation Comics #6: The Return of Captain Confusion is the latest in a series of comic books in which Wonderguy uses math to solve challenges.
  • Lynwood Montell, professor emeritus of Folk Studies, whose Tales from Kentucky Sheriffs follows the success of his collections of stories from funeral directors, school teachers, doctors and lawyers.

Contact: Ann Ferrell, (270) 745-5896.

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