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WKU forensics team wins tournaments in Colorado, Ohio

The WKU forensics team traveled to Colorado Springs, Colo., and Oxford, Ohio, to take part in two tournaments the weekend of Sept. 28-29.

In Colorado, the squad of eight students closed out the semifinal round of Lincoln-Douglas debate, securing the four top placements, as well as taking five of the top six speaker awards. A closeout occurs when the remaining debaters are from the same school, thus eliminating the need for an additional round of debate. Thirty-eight other schools competed, including Arizona State University, Texas Tech University and the United States Air Force Academy.

In Ohio, WKU was crowned the team sweepstakes champion, ahead of 12 other schools, including Eastern Michigan University and Ohio University. The team also won the Quality Award, which measures a team’s success as a ratio of the number of the school’s entries. This group also accomplished a closeout of a final round, this time in duo interpretation. In individual events, a closeout occurs when all six competitors in the final round are from the same school. Three students also placed in individual sweepstakes, a measure of individual success across the entire tournament. Sophomore Brittany Broder placed second, senior Emma Wilczynski placed third and junior Kristina Medero placed fourth.

Next weekend the team will split to travel in two directions. Some team members will travel to Illinois State University in Normal, Ill., while others will attend a debate tournament in Easton, Pa., on the campus of Lafayette College.

Results from the United States Air Force Academy are as follows:

  • Spencer Orlowski, a senior from Davie, Fla., co-champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate and tied for top debate speaker.
  • Alexis Elliott, a senior from Kansas City, Mo., co-champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate and fourth debate speaker.
  • Nefertiti Dukes, a junior from Miami Gardens, Fla., semifinalist in Lincoln-Douglas debate and tied for top debate speaker.
  • Tyler Prochazka, a junior from Newton, Kan., semifinalist in Lincoln-Douglas debate.
  • Rebekah Hall, a sophomore from Des Moines, Iowa, quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas debate and fifth debate speaker.
  • Mark Allseits, a freshman from Englewood, Fla., quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas debate.
  • Emma Collins, a junior from Chicago, Ill., quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas debate.
  • Tiffany Lewis, a senior from Dubach, La., third debate speaker.

Results from the University of Miami Tournament are as follows:

  • Jamaque Newberry, a junior from Tamarac, Fla., tournament champion in dramatic interpretation, second in programmed oral interpretation and sixth in prose interpretation.
  • Elle Pratt, a senior from Fullerton, Calif., tournament champion in duo interpretation (with John Reynolds) and second in duo interpretation (with Tyler Rife).
  • Tyler Rife, a senior from Dayton, Ohio, tournament champion in prose interpretation and second in duo interpretation (with Elle Pratt).
  • Sebastian Orozco, a junior from El Paso, Texas, tournament champion in programmed oral interpretation, third in dramatic interpretation and fifth in duo interpretation (with Emma Wilczynski).
  • Ashton Garber, a sophomore from Osprey, Fla., tournament champion in persuasive speaking, fourth in duo interpretation (with Richard Heyne) and fifth in dramatic interpretation.
  • Haddy Badjie, a sophomore from Lewisville, Texas, tournament champion in informative speaking and fourth in persuasive speaking.
  • Jasmine Jones, a sophomore from Elizabethtown, tournament champion in poetry interpretation.
  • Gabriella Devia-Allen, a senior from Davie, Fla., tournament champion in communication analysis.
  • John Reynolds, a junior from Harlingen, Texas, tournament champion in duo interpretation (with Elle Pratt).
  • Brittany Broder, a sophomore from St. Charles, Mo., second in individual sweepstakes, second in communication analysis, third in impromptu speaking, third in persuasive speaking and fifth in extemporaneous speaking.
  • Kristina Medero, a junior from Davie, Fla., second in informative speaking, third in poetry interpretation, fourth in individual sweepstakes and fifth in persuasive speaking.
  • Emma Wilczynski, a senior from Florence, second in after-dinner speaking, third in individual sweepstakes, fifth in duo interpretation (with Sebastian Orozco) and sixth in duo interpretation (with Marshall Covert).
  • Lataya Williams, a sophomore from Falcon Heights, Minn., second in poetry interpretation, third in duo interpretation (with Darius Wilson) and fourth in prose interpretation.
  • Darius Wilson, a junior from Blue Springs, Mo., second in prose interpretation and third in duo interpretation (with Lataya Williams).
  • Richard Heyne, a senior from Sunrise, Fla., third in prose interpretation and fourth in duo interpretation (with Ashton Garber).
  • Jackson Sanders, a freshman from Cynthiana, fourth in after-dinner speaking and fourth in dramatic interpretation.
  • Marshall Covert, a senior from St. Paul, Minn., fourth in impromptu speaking and sixth in duo interpretation (with Emma Wilczynski).

More: Check out the WKU Forensics Facebook page.

Contact: Jace Lux, (270) 745-6340.

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