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Kentucky Folklife Program to present artists Sept. 21 at Horse Cave Heritage Festival

The Kentucky Folklife Program, a statewide traditional culture organization based at WKU, will be presenting a wide range of folk artists and local tradition bearers Saturday (Sept. 21) beginning at 11 a.m. at the Horse Cave Heritage Festival.

For more than 20 years the KFP has been working to document, present and conserve the rich heritage and culture of the state. For the past three years the KFP has worked with the City of Horse Cave to create a special talk stage performance area at their annual fall festival. The facilitators of these presentations of traditional local culture include the KFP staff, WKU Department of Folk Studies professors, and graduate students in Tim Evans’ Public Folklore class.

“The work of a public folklorist documenting and developing relationships with communities is an intimate undertaking,” said KDP Director Brent Bjorkman. “Our mission goes beyond simply collecting their stories but is further advanced by collaborating with these artists and cultural tradition bearers to present themselves back to their home communities. Sometimes these presentations might be in the form of an exhibit or a radio program, but the format of a staged talk in front of festival visitors helps to validate these prideful artistic expression of culture in front of both outside visitors and local residents alike.”

Topics the KFP and Folk Studies graduate students will be helping to present on hourly stages include the local traditions of quilting, the long ever-changing history of tobacco farming and warehousing of the crop in the region, as well as a discussion with several key local basketball legends of the Horse Cave area. This year the KFP will also continue its popular presentations of local food traditions at the festival, featuring cooking stage interviews with Fried Pie and Tamale makers.

These presentations begin at 11 a.m. and run through 5 p.m. in front of the Thomas House in downtown Horse Cave.

A schedule of events for the festival is available at http://www.horsecaveky.com/?page=Annual_Heritage_Festival

Contact: Brent Bjorkman, (270) 745-4133.

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