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WKU DELO names new director of Distance Learning, Continuing & Professional Development

The WKU Division of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO) has named Julie Uranis as Director of Distance Learning and Continuing & Professional Development. According to Associate Vice President, Extended Learning & Outreach Dr. Beth Laves, this is a new position responsible for developing the strategic direction and innovative collaborations for these units, which fall under the governance of DELO.

Julie Uranis

Julie Uranis

“As we plan for the future, one of our goals is to bring these offices together in innovative ways, including online non-credit programming,” Laves said. “Julie brings with her a tremendous amount of experience leading distance learning and non-credit programs, so she has the vision and know-how to help us reach our goals.”

Uranis has worked in higher education for 10 years, focusing on non-traditional learners. A graduate of University of Michigan-Dearborn, she received her Master of Science, Technology Studies from Eastern Michigan University. She began her career in non-credit operations as an instructor and later began working in distance learning. She plans to complete her Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership this fall.

“We have talented staff members who provide outstanding programs and services to our students, faculty, community and others we serve. I plan to utilize their expertise to expand our reach even further,” Uranis said.

She said that one of her primary charges will be to grow faculty support in online learning, competency-based learning and on-demand training. Another focus will be to increase workforce and professional development opportunities throughout the region.

“I began working in higher education by supporting the non-credit education needs found in manufacturing. I look forward to working with our partners to develop additional programs that support businesses and industry throughout the region,” Uranis said.

WKU Distance Learning is comprised of Independent Learning, Online Faculty Services and Distance Learning Testing Center. WKU Continuing & Professional Development is comprised of Career & Workforce Development, Workforce Training Center and Lifelong Learning.

“I will focus my efforts on leading each of these areas and finding ways to leverage the skills of our teams to create new opportunities,” she said, adding that the unique service that DELO provides is part of what interested her in the position. “Our work has a profound impact well beyond our region. That is why I believe so strongly in the mission of continuing education and the work of DELO. I am excited to work at an institution that values innovative ideas that extend its reach beyond campus.”

For information on WKU Distance Learning programs, visit wku.edu/dl. Information about WKU Continuing & Professional Development is available at wku.edu/cpd.

Contact: Beth Laves, (270) 745-1900.

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