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Farm Credit Mid-America makes gift for programs at WKU-Glasgow

The WKU-Glasgow Campus has received a gift of $5,000 to support agriculture and sustainability from Farm Credit Mid-America in Glasgow.

The gift will expand the WKU-Glasgow Greentoppers Program and will help renovate the Greenhouse at the Glasgow Campus. In appreciation for this gift, the Greenhouse will be named in honor of Farm Credit Mid-America.

According to Dr. Sally Ray, Regional Chancellor of the WKU-Glasgow Campus, the Greentoppers Program is a student-led sustainability organization that is re-imagining the relationship between the environment, the community and the local economy through student action and education. “The group actively promotes sustainability and green living in the community and has partnered with Sustainable Glasgow in several events,” she said.

Josh Dickson, Assistant Vice President for Financial Services with Farm Credit Mid-America, completed the first part of his degree in the Agriculture at the WKU-Glasgow Campus. He worked with Dr. Ray and other WKU-Glasgow representatives to determine the designations for the gift, which will benefit programs that are important to the company.

Dickson’s experience at WKU-Glasgow showed him how important the educational institution is to building the local business community by offering an affordable degree to local students. “I can’t put into words how [WKU-Glasgow] helped me,” said Dickson, a 2005 WKU graduate. “Having WKU here is a big help to our youth who are trying to get their education. It’s important for the Glasgow campus to offer majors that direct students into career paths where they can stay in Glasgow and contribute to the local economy.”

With the expanded offerings of the campus now at about 20 baccalaureate degrees and a dozen associate and graduate degrees, Dickson says he hopes businesses continue to recognize the value of what WKU-Glasgow is providing the local community.

“We are extremely appreciative of Farm Mid-America’s generous gift to the WKU-Glasgow Campus,” Dr. Ray said. “We’re excited that the decision was made to support agricultural initiatives on this campus by using this gift to expand the WKU-Glasgow Greentoppers program and renovate the Greenhouse at the Glasgow campus. We’re pleased to name the Glasgow Campus Greenhouse in honor of Farm Credit Mid-America.”

Contact: Dr. Sally Ray, (270) 659-6900.

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