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New issue of outdoor recreation journal

The WKU Research Foundation, the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education and the Wilderness Education Association announce the publication of Volume 5, Issues 1 and 2, of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership.

The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership publishes quality manuscripts to disseminate the latest knowledge related to outdoor recreation, education, and leadership to help develop theory and practice. The journal seeks quantitative and/or qualitative research findings; conceptual or theoretical discussions; or program practices. Relevant topic areas (centered on outdoor recreation, outdoor education or outdoor leadership) for the journal include, but are not limited to: outdoor recreation, adventure recreation, outdoor education, outdoor leadership, pedagogy, administration, programming, risk management, wilderness medicine, certification, participant behavior, trends, diversity, training and outcomes.

The journal advisory group (representing AORE, WEA and WKURF) includes: Dr. Raymond Poff, WKU; Dr. Eric Frauman, Appalachian State University; Connie Foster, WKU; Rose Gochenaur, University of Utah; Jerel Cowan, University of Central Oklahoma; and Dr. Nate Furman, Green Mountain College.

Read more about the latest issue of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership

Contact: Dr. Andrew Bobilya, (828) 669-8012 ext. 3412 or abobilya@montreat.edu

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