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Study Away offering Winter Term courses in Hawaii, at Sundance

WKU Study Away announces two new courses for Winter Term 2014: Geographic Exploration of Hawaii and Sundance Film Festival Experience.

Through Geography of Hawaii, students explore the Islands by air, land and sea and experience its complex and unique cultures and geography. The course is designed to provide students with a better understanding of contemporary Hawaii, historical events that helped shape its culture and the affects of globalization on the state and its people. Students receive three credit hours in for the Geog 475 course. Details are available at wku.edu/studyaway/programs/hawaiiwinter2014.php.

The Sundance course takes students to Utah where they study the production and distribution of independent film. Students will participate in the Sundance Film Festival and meet filmmakers through a series of screenings, panels, course lectures and class assignments. Three-hour course credits include Film 399, English 300 or POP 399. Details are available at wku.edu/studyaway/programs/filmwinter2014.php.

WKU Study Away provides off-campus programs that help students apply lessons from the classroom in a practical, hands-on setting.  Study Away is a unit of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach. Additional information about WKU Study Away is available at www.wku.edu/studyaway.

For details about these new courses, visit wku.edu/studyaway/programs.

Contact: Jerry Barnaby, (270) 745-2231 or jerry.barnaby@wku.edu

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