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‘To the Point’ sculpture restored, moved to new home on WKU campus

“To the Point,” a sculpture by WKU graduate Donnie Firkins, has a new home near the Felts Log Cabin on the WKU campus.

"To the Point" has a new home near the Felts Log Cabin. (WKU photo by Clinton Lewis)

“To the Point” has been restored and moved to its new home near the Felts Log Cabin at WKU. (WKU photo by Clinton Lewis)

The piece, created in 1989, had been located in downtown Bowling Green near US Bank and Crocker Law Firm, but had deteriorated in recent years.

“When I came to Bowling Green in 1993, it was one of the only public sculptures in town,” said Brent Oglesbee, head of WKU’s Art Department. “I thought it was quite nice. But two decades later it was looking pretty tired.”

About two years ago, Oglesbee began making inquiries about the piece. “I just felt it was too much of a landmark of Bowling Green to let it go,” he said.

He learned that the piece had originally been owned by the bank, but was now the law firm’s property. “When I spoke to them and suggested that they contribute it to our sculpture tour on campus, they decided that was a good idea,” Oglesbee said.

Created in 1989, "To the Point" had been located in downtown Bowling Green.

Created in 1989 by Donnie Firkins, “To the Point” had been located in downtown Bowling Green.

“To the Point” was then moved to the Art Department’s sculpture lab where the restoration project began with student Casey Berryman of Cave City who, in addition to art skills, has a background in auto body repair.

After Berryman graduated earlier this year, the project was completed by WKU’s Planning, Design and Construction.

Oglesbee also worked with WKU President Gary Ransdell and landscape architect Helen Siewers on a site for “To the Point.” “The location was the president’s idea,” Oglesbee said of the site along College Heights Boulevard.

In his remarks at Friday’s Opening Convocation, Dr. Ransdell told WKU faculty and staff that restoring the sculpture “speaks to our values to preserve community landmarks.”

“It speaks to the importance of art on our campus and in our lives,” he said. “And, the setting which we chose for this sculpture — more than any location on our campus — speaks to our campus values for nature and for history. Surrounded by trees and in the shadow of the Felts Cabin, ‘To the Point’ symbolizes our spirit and a very special quality of life we enjoy here.”

Contact: Brent Oglesbee, (270) 745-3944.

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