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‘Inside Confucius’ exhibit: Students turn story into an experience

Western iMedia, a collaborative journalism team at WKU, spent a year exploring the Confucius Institute, an education program funded by the Chinese government. They also researched museum design to create a news story in the form of an experience. The complete story, “Inside Confucius,” can be experienced at the Kentucky Museum on WKU’s campus Wednesday (April 24) through May 11 and on a mobile site.

iMedia (Integrated Media) studied techniques that professional museum exhibit designers use to convey culture, knowledge and information with impact and applied those lessons to this story to generate a higher level of engagement with a news audience. They have traveled around the world, from the Confucius Institute in Bowling Green to Beijing, to gather data and video for this story.

This news experience will comprise a series of nine panels powered by Layar, a company that creates augmented-reality environments. Using this augmented-reality overlay, visitors will be able to use their smart phone or tablet to access video and other interactive features, promoting dynamic audience engagement.

The news panels cover the story of Confucius Institute through multiple aspects, from exploring the program’s global reach to sharing the stories of Chinese teachers.

Visiting teachers from the Confucius Institute at WKU will be present to answer questions and teach Chinese 3 p.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday (April 24) and 3 p.m.-4 p.m. April 29-May 1. A calligraphy workshop will be held at the exhibit 1 p.m.-3 p.m. April 27.

Experience the “Inside Confucius” exhibit through augmented reality at the Kentucky Museum. Admission to the Museum is free for students, $5 for adults, $2.50 for ages 6-16, or $10 for the whole family.

The experience continues from the exhibit to the website at wkujournalism.com/insideconfucius.

The Western iMedia team is lead by Kerry Northrup at WKU. Student team members come from all backgrounds in WKU’s School of Journalism and Broadcasting. Members of the Western iMedia staff for this project are: Anna Anderson, Shelbyville; Jake Boswell, Owensboro; Stephanie Bronner, Louisville; Gavin Ezell, Bowling Green; Elizabeth Geiman, Fort Thomas; Whitney Harper, Russellville; Cameron Koch, Hartselle, Ala.; Whitney Koontz, Louisville; McKenzi Loid, Bowling Green; Brie Logsdon, Louisville; Lauren Lorance, Jeffersonville, Ind.; Hannah Murphy, Nashua, N.H.; T.J. Parker, Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Jacqui Powell, Elizabethtown; Ethan Pugh, Brentwood, Tenn.; Bethany Randall, Owensboro; Khristian Tate, Owenton; Ryan Vennell, Chatham, Ill.; and Scott Vennell, Chatham, Ill.

Contact: Kerry Northrup, (803) 473-3385.

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