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WKU ad program launches project with WKU Public Broadcasting

WKU’s Advertising Program has launched its next community outreach project. This semester, students from a senior-level, advertising capstone class, are working with WKYU PBS and WKU Public Radio to develop an integrated communications plan to increase community awareness of the stations. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase membership and underwriting revenues for both operations.

“WKU Public Broadcasting is excited to work with the WKU School of Journalism and Broadcasting as they help us conduct critical research about our audiences for both WKYU PBS and WKU Public Radio,” Director of Educational Television Services James Morgese said. “As public broadcasting faces continued funding challenges, we look forward to the work of Professor Cliff Shaluta’s class to help us get a better look at the community we serve.”

Shaluta, coordinator for the WKU Ad+PR Programs, sees the Community Projects initiative as “an terrific opportunity for advertising and public relations students to gain experience by applying their ideas and talents to real-world community problems.”

Senior advertising major Jeff Franklin of Louisville describes the project as “a challenge for many of us who started out without much knowledge or experience with public TV and radio. It’s always great to broaden our scope and get our hands dirty with something completely new. I know this experience will look great on my resume.”

Learn more about the WKU AD+PR programs at http://wkufusion.com.

Contact: Cliff Shaluta, (270) 991-6966.

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