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Title of WKU directors changed to Regional Chancellors

Leaders at WKU’s regional campuses in Elizabethtown, Glasgow and Owensboro now have professional titles that more appropriately reflect the high level of accountability and community engagement that their responsibilities require.

Effective Thursday (Feb. 7), Dr. Sally Ray at WKU-Glasgow, Dr. Ron Stephens at WKU-Elizabethtown and Dr. Gene Tice at WKU-Owensboro will become Regional Chancellors.

“These leaders play a critical role in their respective communities and are responsible for providing access to higher education and driving up the number of degree holders in their regions,” said WKU President Gary A. Ransdell.  “They are active in their communities, work closely with the presidents of the other postsecondary institutions and education leaders in the region and are engaged with academic leadership on the main campus in Bowling Green.  I believe the title of Regional Chancellor demonstrates our recognition that our regional campuses are critical to our mission and that these leaders operate with a high level of independence and accountability.”

The Regional Chancellors will report to Dr. Dennis George, whose title was changed to Associate Provost for Regional Higher Education and Dean of the University College.  They will report to President Ransdell on strategic initiatives.

More than 5,000 students attend classes through WKU’s regional campuses, which offer a variety of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs.

Dr. George called the Regional Chancellors “the ‘face’ of WKU in their communities.  The Regional Chancellor title provides the public with a more accurate perception of their important role,” he said.

Having the Regional Chancellors report to an Associate Provost is another indication of the high priority placed on these campuses.

“By elevating the regional campus reporting structure to an Associate Provost, WKU is demonstrating the essential role of our regional campuses to WKU’s academic mission,” WKU Provost Gordon Emslie said.  “This change reflects our growing commitment to providing access to quality academic programs to an increasingly diverse student group and a public recognition of the critical role that these campuses play in their communities.”

Contact: Dennis George, (270) 745-3570.

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